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Give your sweetheart an open view to the surrounding. Let them see the beautiful world! 

Open concept cat tree - ddhouse online pet supplies
Product Code : BM120
  Really love this open concept cat tree. Unlike the traditional one , though it does not have a house for them to hide but the spacious "Sofa" is a purr-fect place for them to lie down relax and enjoy the breeze. 
It is made of high quality rattan and cover around with soft plush creating a cozy and comfortable place for your feline friends to play and rest ! The irresistible flying balls & cat tunnel brings more fun to the structure ! 
Invest in this stylish and unique cat condo to bring more joy to the home ! 
Happy Cat , Happy Owner ! 

High quality cat tree - ddhouse online pet supplies ddhouse online pet supplies - ratten cat tree
Detail Dimension: 
40 (l) x 40 (w) x  120  (h) cm
(**Replacement Poles are available for this cat tree **) 
Weight : around 10 Kg
Customer show - ddhouse online pet supplies
ddhouse online pet supplies - M size cat Tree

What’s not more to love about this fantastic furniture!

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