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There is a vast number of cat trees available in market today and they are stunning. Each one is good in their own ways ! But which is most suitable for your cat , it really depends on your cat's preference ! Surely, you have to pick the one your feline friend is going to enjoy the most and it is a difficult decision to make. Let us share more with you! 

  • Construction and Design 

Firstly you have to consider is the look and structure of the cat tree and determine the right design that you and your cat will like. Also make sure that the structure is sturdy and made with quality construction materials. 

  • Interactivity and engagemen

Considering what is your cat's favorite activities ? If your cat likes to climb a lot, choose a tree where your pet could do a lot of vertical movement. If your pet simply likes to take naps on it, pick a cat tree with a comfortable and spacious resting surface. If the cat likes to scratch, provide her with a playground with a carpet or sisal scratching post.

  • Age of your Cat 

Cat's age really make a big different in their energy level . If your cat is old and does not move a lot , then you should consider a shorter cat tree with bigger resting area. ( Eg:Spacious perches / Big houses) Or a condo that will offer more room for your feline friend to play and explore without having to climb too much ! 

However , if they are young and energetic then you should consider a tall cat tree that will offer more space for climbing , scratching and playing .

  • Size and Weight 

Holes of tubes or tunnels in cat trees must be large enough to match your pet’s size. Most cat trees out there are not made for extra-large cats so be very attentive with size dimensions. Components like perches, platforms or ladders must be spacious so that feline can climb up and come down without slipping or falling. Be sure these parts can hold the weight of the cat as well.

  • Numbers of Cats 

If you have more than one cat, choose a big cat tower with many sisal posts, perches and houses. Every cat wants to have her own place and it is important to give each one adequate space.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Keeping a cat tree clean is very important as it affect the health condition of your sweetie . Therefore a cat tree must be easy to clean and maintain. Shedding cats can make a lot of mess . Difficult to maintain cat trees will steal a lot of energy and time from you.

DDhouse Online Pet Supplies

Big House Cat Tree Condo


This TV Box  Stylish Design cat tree is most ideal for senior cats or cats with lower energy level. It is shorter as compared to many cat trees in market, however the spacious cat house and perches provide a good place for your feline friend to rest and nap ! The house was designed with a open concept to allow  them have a better view ! If they are more shy and prefer to have some " personal space " Not to worry ! We have an enclosed design too ( Design 4 )! 
It is made of solid pine wood so cleaning and maintenance is as easy as ABC ! Do not hesitate , bring this home today !

Why Choose Us: 

  • High quality handicraft , well sanded edge  
  • Substantial solid wood posts – solid, stable, robust , Durable
  • The extra-thick 8 mm diameter sisal rope pole is extremely durable 
  • Easy-care – We offer washable cushions for our cat trees
  • Reduce Bacterial Breeding , More Healthy

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DDhouse Wooden Cat Trees Multiple Designs In Singapore Fast Delivery
DDhouse Wooden Cat Trees Multiple Designs In Singapore Fast Delivery
DDhouse Wooden Cat Trees Multiple Designs In Singapore Fast Delivery

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    Customer Reviews

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    Siti M.
    First purchase

    Kitty has been loving the cat tree. I like how the scratcher is high and my cat can stretch out when she scratch. I removed the circle platform and scratcher as she was having problem manoeuvring to the sleeping tray. Ever since I removed it, she has plenty of space to climb up.

    Great product and service

    Cat tree is solid and easy to set up. Cat has taken to it quite quickly.
    Also very good service from the DDHouse team in ensuring that my item was delivered.

    Great experience shopping

    The item looks great although my car has not arrived so I’m not sure if she will like it yet. Thumbs up though for the advice sales person provided for choosing a suitable item for my cat and house. Thank you!


    My cat loved the cat tree. Especially the Open Window house !!! Will come back again !

    Customer Reviews

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