DDhouse Fun Zone

DDhouse FunZone a private venue for you and your cats . private playground for cats and pet studio singapore

To many of us pet lovers, our pets are more than our best friends – they are our little ‘furkids’. Whenever we leave them behind at home, we feel a tinge of sadness. Will they be too bored, all alone at home?

Furthermore, if not all restaurants are family friendly, how many more are child friendly and pet friendly? Or you are concerning about the safety in public area or your cats just simply don't like to play with other cats?
a cosy room for you and your cats. facilities include board games, table games, cat furniture , cat toys , wall mounted structures and light snacks and drinks

Here we are - DDhouse Fun Zone . A private Get-together space for your family and friends and your furkids. Look forward to indulge in this cosy and fun playground for all . 

The next time you’re looking for a private place to chill and relax with your furkids, head to DDHouse Fun Zone and bring them along too!

DDHouse FunZone for couples, families , friends and Cats .. Get-Togethers sessions with your cats

New Launch!!

DDhouse is pleased to unveil our little new FunZone located within our warehouse (by appointment only).

This little showroom cum play area allows you to explore wide variety of cat furniture and wall mounted structures. 

You can also bring along your furries to have a feel of the furniture before deciding on your purchase.A place to chill and relax and watch your cats playing in the playground

1. Practical and hands-on view and feel of the cat furniture, toys and accessories on display (everyone loves a good touch ya!)

2. Private and exclusive space that can host up to 4 persons and 4 cats within the showroom (everyone loves some quality moments too!)

3. Great place to let your cats 'work out' and flex those joints and muscles, all in the name of play (time to get their lazy bums off the ground!)

4. Entitled to free drinks and snacks

5. You can work , read a book, play some board games and table games with friends or just chill and relax while watching your fur-kids jumping up and down the playground. 

4. Photo booth corner with backdrops and wide variety of props and accessories for you to take pictures for them and with them (great for IGs lovers)

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For those looking to spend more time there with your furries, we are open for bookings. Kindly contact Ddhouse @ 98899957 to reserve hourly slots. 

DDhouse funzone package Bonding with your pets family event for cats in private playground


*Daily cleaning and maintenance is carried out for the good of all.
* No outside food is allowed