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Cats of all ages will go crazy scratching, 
batting and trying to catch the spinning mouse inside this Catch the Mouse cat toy!

Catch the mouse motion Cat toy

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Product Code : CPT03

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but don’t you just love it when your feline friend is in a playful mood? But don’t insult their intelligence by pretending there’s a mouse under the sheets with your foot (even though they do love that game). Instead, buy them a gift that will really get their instinct going with this catch the mouse motion toy for your precious little pussy.

Tease your kitty’s attention as you tap the mouse inside to get it spinning inside the enclosure. With three peep holes that are the perfect size your cat’s paws, watch as they try to bat, catch and trap the mouse as it spins. If your clever little cat does manage to pounce on its prey, the durable design prevents damage when the mouse is caught, for fun with your feline time and again.

This lightweight and compact unit won’t take up much room on your floor, whilst the scratch pad on top offers an alternative to the sofa for your cat to keep its claws strong and clean without ruining your poor furniture. Although we can’t guarantee that they won’t still have a cheeky claw at the chair every now and again.

1.Include scratch pad in the top of the item to keep your cat's nail clean, healthy and strong.
2.Non-slip rubber pads protect your floor.
3.Keeps your kitty entertained for hours.
4.No batteries required, since kitty’s natural motion charges up the fun and makes the mouse spin.
5.Ideal for any size cats

Dimension : 25.5 cm (w) x 6.5 cm (h)

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