Spin N' Eat Pet Food Puzzle Feeder

Functional pet bowl suitable for BOTH CATS AND DOGS!

dog feeding bowl
cat feeding bowl

About this item

  • 🐶DITCH THE BOWL: Make mealtime fun and exercise your pet's mind by replacing your standard pet bowl with a puzzle feeder! The Spin N' Eat puzzle holds up to 2 cups of food.
  • 🐱KEEPS PET BUSY: By encouraging your pet to work on its problem-solving skills, this pet food puzzle feeder fights boredom and extends mealtime, giving them the mental stimulation they crave.
  • 🐶HOW IT WORKS: After filling the barrel with pet treats or kibble, put the game in front of your pet. Your pet will learn to release the food by nudging or pawing the barrel to get it spinning.

Dimensions: 29cm x 16cm x 25cm



product assembly

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