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    Luxury Pet Travel Stroller For Your Lovely Pets 
    2 Ways Dual Side Reversible Handle Large Pet Pram Pet strollers Singapore DDhouse


    There’s no limit to where you can your pet can travel with the cute Pet Stroller Pram. This stroller easily maneuvers over rough or smooth terrain whether you’re walking or jogging. To ensure your your furkids are safe and comfortable, this stroller boasts a thick poly-filled pad and a fully enclosed pet area.


    DDhouse Online Pet Supplies Pet Pram Pet Stroller

    Colour: Blue / Red / Green / Pink 

    There are simply too many reasons for getting a pet stroller today ! Maybe is just for leisure or is due to mobility issues. Regardless of the reason , having a pet pram is a terrific way to take your feline friend, your capricious canine, or any of your small animal friends out for a lovely stroll. They love getting fresh air and seeing the sights around town!


    Large Pet Stroller DDhouse Online Pet Supplies
    Pet Stroller Pram Pusher Buggy


    Dimension:79cm x 50cm x 93cm
    Weight:  Approx. 8.5kg
    Maximum Weight : 25KG
    Spacious Large Pet Stroller Pram
    Details of Product:
    •  Eco-friendly 6" wheels, 360-degree roating front wheel,rear wheel with security brakes
    • Durable mesh panel assuring good ventilation
    • Spacious and comfortable interior space large-volume under-basket and one big storage on the back of seat for pet toys
    • Reversible handle you can change the handle bar to face your lovely pet
    • Ability to zip up to prevent your Furr kid from leaping out of Pram
    • Foldable and easy storage of equipment with just a push of a button
    • Firm and solid stroller frame, suitable for carrying one or more of small to medium sized pets. Holds up to maximum weight of 25kg!
    DDhouse Pet Stroller For Large Pet  Reversible Handle Pet Orams




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