Dreamy On Cloud Nine Cat Condo

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Overall dimensions: 60cm (L) X 40cm (W) X 182cm (H)

Spruce up your kitty's play corner with this Dreamy On Cloud Nine Cat Condo!
Your kitty will thank you for this classy, easy-to-use space! Your cat can take a nap up in the Tree House, sharpen its claws on the scratching mat. There’s plenty of room to play with other cats too!
 It features cloud and star-shaped components made in premium wood, sisal poles, and platforms for your kitty to jump onto and play with. This climbing tree is sturdy and firm with a large base. Suitable for homes with single or multiple cats.

At DDHouse, we know that our pets are like our babies and we want to ensure that our furkids are safe and well-protected at all times! Our cat condo is of premium quality so rest assured, unleash the adventurous explorer in your kitties without worrying about their safety!

express delivery
spare part replacement

We offer spare part replacement at cost price should any part of your cat tree wears off in future! This way, you will save much cost and your furkids can have back their familiar cat tree that they love to be around always!

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