DDhouse Sky-high feline paradise Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Condo/ Cat House

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A floor-to-ceiling tall cat tree is a towering structure designed specifically for cats to climb, play, perch, and rest. It typically consists of multiple levels or platforms connected by scratching posts. The construction incorporates a sturdy base while the upper portion extends all the way to the ceiling, maximizing vertical space.

It provide cats with cozy spots to lounge and nap. It also help to stimulate your cat's natural instincts for play and exploration. The tall design allows cats to indulge their climbing instincts, providing them with ample opportunities to exercise and satisfy their curiosity.

Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling installation ensures that the cat tree takes advantage of vertical space, making it suitable for homes with limited floor space while offering a spacious and enriching environment for your feline friend to enjoy.

Base 46X46
Height : Suitable for ceiling between 2.75 to 2.85 M
( Support Customization )
Pole Thickness : 12 CM House Size : 46X27.5x27.5Cm


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