4 Wheel Pet Pram Pet Stroller


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4 wheeler Pet Stroller - DDhouse online pet supplies

This foldable pet pram is the ultimate convenience when you wish to bring your pets out for a stroll, especially when they are getting on in age, too tired to stroll, or simply too heavy to carry!

Perfect for indoor building where the pets are not allowed to walk

- Removable fabric carrier and cushion for easy cleaning .

- Durable mesh panel assure ventilation

- Able to zip up to prevent your furkid from leaping out

- Internal dimension: 56cm x 34cm x 50cm

- Light Weight : Pram weight around 5 kg

- It folds easily and stores flat at the push of button.

- Firm and solid stroller frame, suitable for carrying one or more of small to medium sized pets.  Can holds up to 30kg!

- Outfit: Safety leash x2 to keep pet safely

- Stroller cup holder and large storage basket for treats and toys

- Multiple colours


Multiple window Pet Stroller


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