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Soft disposable Pet Diaper Sigapore

DONO disposable Pet Diapers With our disposable diapers we can let our best friend back into bed, up on the couch, or free to roam around the house, confident that accidents won't happen! 

Uses: Bed, Couch, Carpets, Wooden Floors Puppy Training - females in Season Incontinent, Injured, or Elderly PetsPost Surgery or untrained puppies . Excitable urination.
  1.  S, M Size Available : Please choose the size carefully.
  2. WIth magic tape and waistband, you can adjust the diaper as the pet's waistline to make it more comfortable.
  3. Leak guard prevent  the liquid flowing out.
  4. Cotton top-sheet and breathable back-sheet provides soft touch on pet's skin.
  5. Tail hole is specially designed for female dogs, make your pet’s tail across the hole to wear firmly.

    Pet dog baby diapers Ready stocks


    high and instant absorption;

    breathable diaper ; cotton soft for pet's skin;

    Good quality and affordable price .

    every details of design to show our super care for your Fur Kids.

    Pet dog Puppy diapers Ready stocks high quality diaposable pet diaperhigh quality diaposable pet diaper

    S Size : miniature pinscher . Pekingese . Maltese. Etc suitable for pet with waist 32-50 cm , 4-8 kg  (16 pc / bag) 

    M size : cocker spaniel . Miniature poodle. Beagle . Sheltie etc. suitable for pet with waist 43-65 cm , 6-17 kg  (14 pc / bag)

    L Size: Basset Hound, Collie,Bulldog,Springer Spaniel etc suitable for pet with waist 50-70 cm , 15-26kg(12 pc / bag)

    XL Size: Retriever,German Shepherd,Boxer,Dalmation etc suitable for pet with waist 60-76 cm , 24-40 kg(10 pc / bag)

  1. Price : 1 for $13  
    3 for $30

              *inner design pattern is random

              * Mix and Match of Product Size is possible , please leave your remark at the check-out page or inform us at 98899957