Full Length Floor-to-Ceiling Wooden Cat Climbing Tree

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Solid Wood Ceiling Height Cat tree Floor to ceiling Cat Climbers Wooden Reach the Ceiling Cat condos

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Cats are complex creatures with complex needs, so we have created elaborate pieces of furniture to satisfy them.Good and interactive furniture has been proven to improve their behavior, mental health, and physical fitness. So invest in a good cat furniture today !

When comes to the psychology of a cat, the more territory it ‘owns’, the better and less anxious it will feel. That’s why numerous psychologists encourage cat owner to buy more than one scratching post and place them in different area of the house. Therefore as a dutiful, diligent cat owner, you are more than likely want to provide a few entertaining and fun pieces of furniture for your cat to enjoy, whether they spend all day, or only a brief portion of their time . 

So Why Ceiling Height Cat Tree?

Ceiling high cat trees, which stretch vertically from floor to ceiling, can really expand that sense of territory, or provide an interesting environment for your feline friend. By connecting to the ceiling it gains stability and reaches exciting heights for cats. Sitting on the top of the tree allow the cat has an overview of the whole apartment and can observe everything that happens around . 


Extra Thickness 14.5 cm and 12 cm Ceilimng Height Cat Tree Cat Climbers Singapore



Space saving , Fits in rooms with a ceiling height of 220cm to 275cm. No drilling is needed

  • Material: Solid Wood Platform
  • Pole Diameter - 12 cm and 14.5cm  (6mm Sisal Rope)
  • 3 x 60cm Scratch Pole ; 2x 30cm Scratch Pole ; 
  • Jumping Platform : 41.5*31.5 cm
  • 12m Pole Base : 35*35 cm (Bigger Platform for 14.5cm thickness pole)
  • Top Spring extension from 2.2 m to 2.75 m Ceiling height
  • Future Spare part replacement possible
  • No Drilling Needed
  • Durable and Easy to maintain 
  • Well sanding wood for smooth finishing

12cm Extra thickness Ceiling height Scracth Poles Floor to Ceiling Pole replacement


Extra Thickness Ceiling Height Scratching Posts
Extra Thick 12 cm Scracth Posts Wooden Cat Climbers up to ceiling no Drilling Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees
Extra Thick 12 cm Scracth Posts Wooden Cat Climbers up to ceiling no Drilling Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees
Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Cat Climbers Singapore
12cm Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Cat Climbers Singapore
Floor to Ceiling 12 cm thicknees Cat Tree Cat Climbers Singapore


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