Deluxe Cat House 1.8m Wooden Cat Furniture w/ Triple Houses

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Product Code: MMBB_TripleHouse

This is the perfect cat tree for family with large cat or multiple cats. The large top platform allow your cat to have a roomy and comfortable place to rest and nap. Cat love height , The top platform is their favorite spot. The additional side frame will have a better support and give them a sense of security.

Multiple houses will ensure all your feline friend have a spacious place to sleep in. To hide and have their own quite time! Just like us , sometime they would love to be alone !  

Multi-tier structure enable them to scratch , scratch and scratch ! Release the little tiger in them ! The extra thickness 8.5 cm natural sisal rope scratching poles will also make scratching more fun!!! 

Cat tree can brings lots fun to your feline friend . Much more than we can imagine and expect. So choose the most suitable cat tree for your sweeties today ! 

Brand New

Advantage of Solid Wood Furniture Cat Tree Cat Condos Extreme Tall


  • Material: Solid wood & Natural Sisal Rope for the scratching posts
  • Overall dimensions: 50 (L) X 50(W) X 180cm (H)
  • 3 Big house : 50x30x30cm       

Upgraded to 8.5cm thickness natural sisal rope Scratching post
Cat Tree Spare Parts


Solid Wood 1.8m Extreme Tall Cat Tree Cat Condos Singapore with multiple house             


Premium Solid Wood Extra Large Cat Tree with multiple Cat house

Premium Solid Wood Extra Large Cat Condos  with multiple Cat house                                         

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