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Kitties love to climb, so what better way to treat your feline fur-children than to buy them this triple Step House kitty tree?

Triple Step House Cat Climbers

Product Code : MMBB_StepHouse

This is also known as cat stairs, steps & ramps ! Does cat really need this since they are good climbers ? Yes , they do. Let us share more with you. 

Landing on their feet from great heights can put a lot of strain and stress on their joints, spine and hips. If your cat accidentally lands incorrectly, it can also result in an emergency trip to the animal hospital. One way to reduce the chance of injury is by providing your pet with the proper amount of cat steps they need to reach their favorite places around your home. If your feline enjoys accompanying you overnight, cat stairs for beds can give them easier access.

This is especially useful when you are have a senior cat at home and they no longer have the energy and stamina to climb up to the tall cat trees then this cat step house can be the greatest option for them. It does not only provide them with a more confident step but also a cozy place for them to rest and nap and in addition a ideal place to scratch. 

Don't hesitate, bring this home today!  

Even though technology had contributed alternatives on cat furniture, But wooden cat furniture always makes the most favorite choice for all buyers!

It is not without reasons , let us share more with you !

*Gorgeous Natural Look
Wood has beautiful pattern and lines. They are beautiful in nature. Don't you agree with us ? 
*Resilient and Strong
Woods are naturally strong. Even when they meet your plus size and super active fur-baby they won't disappoint you. They are durable and reliable at all time !
*Easy to Clean
They are easier to maintain as compare to cat tree made of other materials.
No washing required , a simple wipe will keep it clean and shining.  It makes your daily chore simple and easy ! 
*Worthy Investment
Yes , they are more costly, however, it will make long lasting and smart investment. You get the beauty, quality, and comfort all at once.
*Eco Friendly
The material is not damaging the environment like plastic. They are environmental friendly
Classic Design Solid Wood Cat Tree For Kitty And Cat


 Dimension : 36 cm x 30cm x 90cm

The benefits of the Wooden cat scratch tree system at a glance:


  • High quality handicraft , well sanded edge  
  • Substantial solid wood posts – solid, stable, robust , Durable
  • Natural sisal rope pole for scratching
  • Easy-care – We offer washable cushions for our cat trees
  • Reduce Bacterial Breeding , More Healthy



      Multiple Cat House Wooden Cat Climber Cat Tree Solid Wood Singapore


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