Smokey Ember Grey Cat Multi-Story Lounge with Side Dangling Bunk

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" This structure provides ultimate comfort of quality through the smooth silky coverings and brings about a fun & adventurous feel to your beloved little furries, which also ensures a healthier yet luxurious lifestyle, at the comfort of your homes!"

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Product Code : XFB1052

The Cat Condo is specially catered for cats as a playground for them to enjoy during their playtime and at the meantime, to cultivate a healthier lifestyle through climbing of the ladder-like structure which allows them to exercise extensively and regularly in their daily activities without having to invade into home matters like furniture and clothes. Features such as a relaxation space, a hanging toy and a hammock to sit back and relax. It will definitely be worth the experience for your cats!

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Dimension :
140cm (h)x60cm (w)x 50 cm (l)
Colour : Dark Grey
Scratching Pole Material :  Natural Sisal Rope Inner PVC Pole (Not Cardboard)

Wide of Scratching Pole : Extra Thickness of 8.5cm

***Brand new***

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- We specialise in providing a wide range of furniture collection and other pet's products for all pet lovers, through the convenience of online shopping. In addition, we ensure that our website is updated regularly to meet the needs of our online Customers. We aim to achieve good quality of products received at first hand from the factory, with each of the item uniquely designed for all. Special discounts are given to all our long-term loyal customers.
- Quality of our product's materials ranges from premium soft silky faux fur / fleece covering material (instead of carpet-like material) to durable natural sisal material-like scratching posts. These are much suited for cats due to their increased level of energy especially during the day and other daily activities
- Provides an option of customization to personalise certain products such as the above product - Cat Multi-story Lounge, catered to your individual Pet's daily needs. Eg; installation of additional features such as a hammock bowl or hanging toys, or other preferred features are made possible which are best suited for your pet. As we obtain the aim to provide quality service, we would love to contribute creative and interesting ideas along with some helpful tips on how to improvise the Cat Tree or any other products to make it more enjoyable for you and your furries.
- For concerns over any specific damaged parts of the Cat Tree (eg; hammock bowl . Board . Staircase. Bed etc), they can be individually replaced by parts at a cost price. This however, will eventually benefit your expenditure, through saving cost of buying the entire new product again
- Free consultation on installation tips are provided
- Speedy delivery guaranteed


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