All For Paws Sparkle Dental Brush Bone with Toothpaste

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Self Brushing Bone with Peanut Butter Toothpaste

Sparkle Dental toys are the perfect product to clean your dog teeth without
having to actually do it. You just have to let your dog play with the toy
and let the soft plastic bristle and brushes do their job.

The toy has two types of brushes| some toothbrush like bristle that clean areas that are difficult to access, and the soft plastic brushes that remove tartar.

You can put toothpaste a few times a week to increase the cleaning effect
of the brushes.

Feather : 

Dental brush shaped as a frog chew toy

Effectively cleans teeth and removes tartar

Strong cleaning power, able to access hard to reach areas

Two types of brushes - TPR brush and toothbrush bristle

Great for dogs that resist brushing and toothbrushes

Includes 60g peanut butter toothpaste

Product Dimensions: L18.6 x W9.0 x H5.0 cm (dental brush Bone) 

(1) Apply peanut butter toothpaste evenly onto Dental Brush Frog.
(2) Give Dental Brush Bone to dog and let him play with it.
(3) Chewing action activates the two types of brushes to clean teeth and remove tartar, even in areas hard to access.
(4) Repeat process 2-3 times a week to increase the cleaning effect of the brushes.