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“ This alluring Cat Tree is providing more fun features such as multiple levels & hanging toys for your Pet to enjoy their playtime while enjoying the comfort of your home!"

Product Code : DC15801

This Multi-Storied Cat Condo Structure’s surface mat material is made of Seagrass Straw.
This specifically differs from those traditional cat scratching post in terms of appearance, as this creates a natural touch of rough and tough wood-like material.It is also much thicker (11cm) and robust as compared. 
This solid build structure will grant you the assurance of safety to all your tabbies, due to the stability of this material!
With such good quality of material made from Sedge (a plant), it is made ideal for cat's natural scratching needs.
This plant resembles grasses and rushes, which can typically grow in wet grounds, making it extra sturdy and long-lasting.
The multi-levelled platforms allow your pets to have a playground-like to enjoy their daily activities, such as exercise, nap and rest at any time of the day!
In addition, there is a hanging toys attached to it, bringing more fun and excitement to your little ones! 
Not to mention, this requires minimum cleaning and maintenance! 
Detail Dimension: 
Overall : 45 (l) x 45 (w) x  158  (h) cm
Pole Diameter : 11 cm 
(**Replacement Poles are available for this cat tree **) 
Weight : around 20 Kg

What’s not more to love about this fantastic furniture!

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