Red Dot M Size Cat Climbing Gym

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$33.90 $60.00
SKU: MQ50710
Colour:  Red - Dot

This is one of the most unique color print that we have in store !
When look from far , it looks like little red apples!
You are gonna to love it or hate it ... ... 
May it be the apple of your eye !
red dot medium size cat tree ddhouse online pet supplies

size M cat tree cat scratcher cat climber

Product Code : MQ50710

Meow ... meow ... Meow ... 

Haven't gotten a cat tree for your sweetie pie yet ?

Why not start with this small , stylish cat Condo !

cat love height enjoy cat tree and cat scratching poles

medium size cat scratcher cat tree red dot

cat tree suitable for all cat breed and size kitten and cat

Like a mini shoebox condo, despite the size it has all the "facilities" that your feline requires . 

A cushion bed cover with soft and comfortable fleece, the perfect place for your cutie to nap & rest in a  lazy afternoon!

Need some quite time ?

NO PROBLEM , hide inside the little hut and have some personal time !

Poles are wrap with GOOD quality sisal Rope !

Scratch , scratch , scratch ... & release the little TIGER in you!

good quality cat tree thick sisal rope soft fleece

Take a closer look... ...  



Red dot Medium size Cat climber
Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm x 75cm
high qua;ity cat tree cat climber cat scratching poles
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