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4 Wheel Light Weight Pet Pram / Stroller


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Pet prams are now often purchased as a cute accessory for the urban pet, but do you that they can also serve more functions? A well-chosen set of pet stroller can help your furkid with a mobility impairment continue to live an active and outgoing lifestyle. They also give the older furkid an opportunity to go out for a walk, to enjoy the breeze and sunshine. They also can be used to carry small breeds who would normally get tired out on long hikes, and allow you conveniently bring your pets to outdoor events.

Pinky Light weight 4 wheel Pram

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So, come with us. Let's find a perfect stroller for your lovely fur-baby! Here are the things to take note when you determine a perfect pram for them.

*Evaluating the Size 

An ideal pet stroller will allow ample room for your furkid to turn around, sleep and rest inside. Spacious and comfortable is one of the top criteria to look into when you select a pram. 

*Lifestyle you share with your furriers.

Where & when will you be using the stroller? Is it only for neighbourhood walks? Vet visits? Or you are bringing them to shopping mall or even daily excise? The intended use of the stroller will also help you to determine which type of stroller you should purchase. 

*How many Furkid do you have? 

Families with multiple pets may need to buy a larger and more stable stroller, in order for it to comfortably fit all. It should have enough room for them to comfortably stand up and turn around even when the stroller’s cover is shut.

Never ever overload your pet stroller for comfort and security reason, keep this in mind!

*Choose a stroller with a front and top cover. 

The front and top cover can be zipped or buttoned shut, this is to ensure your furkid won't jump out while the pram is in motion. This is also extremely useful when rains!

Let's take a look at the features of the pet stroller: 

dimension of light weight pet stroller

ddhouse Singapore online pet supplies - Light weight stroller

- It folds easily and stores flat at the push of a button.
- Durable mesh panel assure ventilation 
- Able to zip up to prevent your furkid from leaping out 
- Carrier dimension: 52cm X 29cm X 42cm 
- Overall dimension : 75cm X43cm X 86cm 
- Light Weight: Pram weight around 4 kg 

- Can hold up to 15kg 

- Three colours to choose. Pink

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