Multi-Functional Cozy Cat Climbing Tree Condo

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Make it the favorite place for your cat to

play and relax !

Multi functional Cat Tree Condo Cat Furniture Cat Climbing Post

Product Code : MQ125_01

There are wide selection of different pieces of cat furniture. Your choice will depend on the kind of cat you own and the amount of space available in your house. Understand that it’s not always necessary to provide a giant cat tree sometime a small tree will do just as well.

By having a cat tree it encourages your cat to stretch and exercise its arm, leg, and back muscles that help it to run and jump. Scratching post keeps a cat’s nails healthy while promoting great exercise, it also allows your cat to take out aggression it might otherwise direct towards you.

Because cats love to climb up high, a spacious perch is definitely the best place that allows your cat to nap and rest . Perching high above its surroundings also gives a cat security knowing what lies around it. 

This cat tree satisfy multiple needs. They have elevated perches, a scratching pole, and a small cat condo where your cat can hide and also sleep. And the hanging toys to bring more fun to them ! 

**Assembles in minutes and instructions are provided
 Dimension :
125cm (h)x50cm (w)x 50 cm (l)
Colour : Coffee & Cream 
***Brand new***

Multi tier Cat scratcher cat furniture cat house cat condo



Cat Climbing Tree Cat Condo Cat Climber Cat Furniture Cat PlayHouse
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