Multi Function Separable Pet Stroller In Polka Dot

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SKU: RP2020
Color:  Blue -white


Blue Polka Dot Movable Pet Stroller - DDhouse Online Pet Supplies

 Product Code:RP2020

As a fur parent, always find it difficult to bring my little prince out for a walk , to visit a vet , to attend a furkid party or for a good meal !

Unlike some of the other countries, public transport for them is always a NO NO in Singapore( Although i have  successfully "smuggle" him to a bus before :-P )   ... ....So ... ... the only alternative is either hire a TAXI OR a PET TAXI ( Very expansive & you might not always be lucky enough to get one ! If you get what i mean ;D) 

By having this detachable pet pram , you can be worried free!

It allows you to bring your cutie pie anywhere and anytime....

Looking for a carrier & a Pram ?

THEN , what are you waiting for ... ... 

This unbeatable 2 In 1 pet pram / pet stroller / pet carrier would be the most ideal choice for you and your furkids !


dog cat carrier detachable foldable convenient pram stroller

DDhouse Easy to keep suitable for cat and dog


- Detachable carrier.
- Stroller frame folds easily and stores flat at the push of button. 
- Durable mesh panel assure ventilation
 - Able to zip up to prevent your furkid from leaping out 
- Carrier dimension: 58cm X 39cm X 45cm 
 - Overall dimension : 79cm X49cm X 96cm  
- Light Weight : Pram weight around 5 kg  - Can holds up to 15kg!
- Two colors to choose . Dark Blue - White 

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