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Even though the concept of having a pet stroller for the furkids might be very new to many , but necessity of it has been growing over the past few years ! It has become one of the " MUST HAVE " accessory ! 

Not sure WHY ? Let us share more with you: 

  • It makes going out much more easier , convenient and pleasant. Whether you are going for a vet visit , outdoor event , shopping or just to a restaurant , it provide your pet a safe and familiar place to rest. Keep them from getting too much sun or getting wet in the rain. Most importantly , it gives them a barrier from other possibly aggressive animals ... ..
  • It give older injured pets the chance to get fresh air and sunshine. If your pet have mobility problems bring them for a walk again with the help of pet stroller !
  • Run or walk as far as you like . Then give your pet a ride when he had enough. Continue your workout while they get a breeze in the stroller
  • Many choose pet stroller instead of carries . They are easier on your back ,shoulders and neck . Especially if you are carrying more than one !
  • A pet stroller keep they paw clean and off any broken glass, trash , or other hazard on the side walk.
  • A pet stroller simply gives you more quality time with your pet. It allows you to bring them to more places than a leash. More and more places are becoming pet friendly , so bring your sweetie with you today ! 

This foldable 3 wheel pram is a fantastic choice ! Here are the details : 

- Removable fabric carrier and cushion for easy cleaning .

- Durable mesh panel assure ventilation

- Able to zip up to prevent your furkid from leaping out

- Internal dimension: 56cm x 34cm x 50cm

- Pram weight:  around 5 kg

- It folds easily and stores flat at the push of button.

- Firm and solid stroller frame, suitable for carrying one or more of small to medium sized pets.  Can holds up to 25kg!

- Outfit: Safety leash x2 to keep pet safely

- Stroller cup holder and large storage basket for treats and toys

- Multiple colours

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