Leopard Print Cat Scratching Tube w/ Resting Bed Sisal Rug Scratch Toy

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         2 in 1 Pet Scratching Tube With Resting Bed 

Scratch tube with resting bed

Product Code : MQST01

This beautifully design scratch tube just act like another piece of furniture in your house. Super space saving yet meet the needs of your feline friends. The large scratching surface make scratching more fun for them.  And when they gets tired they can just rest comfortably on the top cushion ! 

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The unique design cat climbing tube also come with internal perches and cushion, fully covered in natural carpet and offering peepholes and hanging ball for interactive games and fun.

Meow... Act as a bed and a hiding place for cat and a good scratching post for their paws.

Now you are paying for the price of one but getting a toy and bed at the same time ! Shall NOT missed the great deal ! 


Dimension : 45 cm x 35 cm




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