Leopard Print Cat Scratching Tube w/ Resting Bed

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2 in 1 Cat Scratching Tube with Comfortable Resting Bed

Scratching Tube with Resting Bed Singapore

Product Code : MQST_01

Leopard Print Sisal Rugs Cat Scratching Tube with Comfortable Resting Bed on top and in the middle.  Perfect scratching material for the indoor cat that wants a small place to relax and scratch. Fit in any corner of any room .

The perfect Scratching Material Best Cat Scratching Tube

Compact Size Scratch Post Scratch Tube With Good Resting Bed

Sisal cat climbing frame catlike board scratching cat tree cat toy  cat house cat scratch post cat jumping cat tube Leopard Print

Dimensions: 45cm x 35cm.

Colour : Leopard Print

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