Grey Color Cat Scratching Tree With Hammock

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SKU: MQB50705
Colour:  Dark Grey


Gray is a cool, neutral, and balanced color ! 

It goes well with all furniture and display at home . 

Not too loud yet at the same time has its own characteristic ... ...


Dary Grey Medium Size Cat tree with side hammock bowl

Product Code :MQB50705 

Cat trees are an absolute necessity for every cat. This is how we can provide the full experience for our pet. As a place for exercise, they also are stimulating, and allow a cat to work off any of their stress and anxiety. They protect your furniture and make your cat feel secure by providing them with their own perch, their own territory. The additional side hammock bowl will help to keep your cat entertain in a unique way .

If you feel that the tall cat tree is not suitable for your sweetie due to age or any other reasons then this will be the ideal cat tree for them. The height of this cat tree is manageable for all the cat. The poles are wrapped with sisal rope and function like a scratching post.

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ddhouse Singapore online pet supplies

ddhouse Singapore online pet supplies  

Size M cat condo with side hammock bowl


Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm x 75cm.

Colour : Dark Grey

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