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When it comes to choosing a wooden cat condo for your lovely feline , there are so many options in the market today. Should you opt for the time -tested solid wood cat furniture or will it be more cost effective to choose a plywood cat furniture? 

Don't get us wrong , cheap does not equal to low quality. Let us understand more about plywood before making a decision. 

What is plywood and their advantages ? 

Plywood consists of several layers of very thin slices of wooden sheets (veneers) that are glued and joined firmly together using heat and pressure. The layers are arranged such that the grain pattern alternates in each layer and it makes plywood sheets a strong material. 


It is a natural product made from a renewable resource. Therefore, it is one of the most environmentally friendly decorative products available in market. 


Pound for pound, plywood is stronger than steel in static bending strength. What makes plywood so strong is its unique cross-layered structure. The adhesives used to bond the veneers in plywood are actually stronger than the wood itself. 


Some woods are prized for their beauty (teak, oak etc.) but are also costly. The veneers of such woods can be used to form the surface layer of the plywood, while the inner layers could be composed of other strong but cheaper woods. Such a mix and match is possible while constructing plywood.


Designers prefer the beauty of wood over any other material. The natural characteristics of wood make it attractive to the eye. Wood defies imitation. No material can match the infinite variety of natural markings and figure patterns offered through fine hardwood.


Plywood furniture made from good quality hardwood is quite durable and lasts many long years. Not as long as solid wood pieces, but much much better compared to the cheaper Particle board furniture, which eventually needs to be replaced.

9. Less costly 

Solid wood is better, because its a natural product, but its also very costly. Plywood costs lesser in comparison. So a reasonable trade-off for most people is to opt for decent quality plywood to meet their requirements.



Dimension :  75Cm x 40 Cm x 60 Cm

DDhouse Singapore Online Pet Supplies - Medium Size cat Condo

Are you looking for a spacious cat tree with reasonable price for your cats ?

This will be the one !  

No matter if you are having 1 cat or multiple cats ,

this cat tree will meet your needs !

The  large house will provide a spacious playground for them . 

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