Fuschia-licious Foldable Pink in 3 Cycled Pet Carriage Pram

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Color:  Pink



“ The brightness of Pink definitely cannot be missed wherever you go! Thus, drawing more positive attention to your Pets, allowing them to feel more loved "

 Pinkish 3 Wheel Pet Pram - DDhouse DDhouse Singapore Online Pet Supplies

Product Code : RP1004

Colour: Pink

3 wheel pet stroller for dog and cats

=An Introduction to Pet Pram=

  • This Wheeler promotes convenience and yet comfort to your pets! With regardless of simply paying a visit to the vet, going for an outdoor event or shopping / eating at any Pet-friendly places, you can finally have the company of your cute Furr kids almost everywhere! This equipment also provides the ultimate safety and assurance to your Pet while resting. In addition, the cover shade protects your furries from the hot blazing Sun and heavy-pouring showers at any time of the day while on the move with them. Most importantly, this creates an invisible barrier to any aggressive animals on the streets!
  • The Wheeled Pram provide pets who are coming of age or facing with any kind of disabilities, with an opportunity to enjoy the fullness of fresh air and scenic views outdoors.
  • This comfy Stroller allows you to pamper your Pet by putting him / her to rest and conveniently pushing them, while exercising when they are tired, without having to leave them out.
  • The wheels assure less strain on the back as carrying of pets in an extensive period, may eventually lead to back and other health-related problems. Especially if you were previously carrying your Pet all the time, it’s not too late to get one soon!
  • A Pet stroller improves your Furr kids’ hygiene and protects them from being injured by any sharp objects along the way.
In summary, the assistance of this handy equipment,  increases the quality of bonding time with your furries, allowing them to travel alongside with you to many different places, without consistently being restricted to a leash! As there are many more upcoming Pet-friendly areas, this would be a wise recommendation to all Pet Lovers! Therefore, you can finally bring your Furrie Kids with you anywhere and everywhere with less worries today! 


Overall: 70cm x 45cm x 100cm
Carrier Size: 35cm x 55cm x 25cm 
Approx. 5kg
Details of Product:
- Removable fabric carrier and cushion for easy cleaning
- Durable mesh panel assuring good ventilation
- Ability to zip up to prevent your Furr kid from leaping out of Pram
- Foldable and easy storage of equipment with just a push of a button
- Firm and solid stroller frame, suitable for carrying one or more of small to medium sized pets. Holds up to maximum weight of 25kg!
  • Safety leash x2 to keep pet safely
  • Stroller cup holder and large storage basket for treats and toys

         This foldable 3-Wheel Pet Pram is a fantastic choice!



Available at Multiple colours!


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