Extreme Tall Leopard Cat Tower Cat Condos

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Extreme Tall Cat Tree Cat House Singapore

Extreme Tall Cat Tree Tower Condo Scratcher Furniture Kitten Pet House with Hammock Bowl

Product Code: XFE003

Give your cat a fancy new home with this cat tree scratcher post.

This cat tree will provide plenty of space for your cat to scratch and climb all day.

The large size makes it great for your cats to play together.

It has a solid sturdy base with multiple platforms for your cat to climb and relax on.

There are multiple sisal rope scratching posts that your feline can scratch to its heart’s desire.

A rope with balls hangs from the top that your cat will love hitting or climbing on.

This scratcher also contains two enclosed sleeping areas that your cat can curl up in to get some peace and quiet.

There is a high post included that allows your cat to satisfied its natural climbing urges and gives it a view of all its surroundings. Perfect for one or multiple cats, this extreme tall cat tree will be your furry friend’s favourite place to pass the time

Colour : Leopard Print

Dimension : 185cm x 60cm x 50 cm

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