Stand alone cat scratcher with 3 scratching poles

SKU: XF2in104
Colours:  Red


Every Cat Loves Scratching post especially in cat tree cat scratch pole cat scratching toy cat toy cat furinure kittem scratcher  

Product Code : XF2in104

The ancestors of cats lived in trees and needed to climb up-and-down. For this reason they acquired sharp claws to give them traction when climbing vertically.Cats scratch and climb to leave their scent and visual markings, to sharpen their claws and to, stretch their legs. The claws grow every day just like finger nails — if the cat lives indoors there will be no natural surfaces to wear them down (except your furniture and curtains if there is no alternative.)

Cats instinctively scratch to sharpen their claws and they do it even more if their claws grow long. A scratching post gives the cat the opportunity scratch when there is no other suitable surface to do so. Good scratching posts are typically made of sisal fabric or sisal rope which gives the cat a pleasing sensation.

cat tree cat scratch pole cat scratching toy cat toy cat furinure kittem scratcher

This scratching pole goes well with all cat tree.
Comes with 3 hanging ball, make it more fun for your lovely cats !!!

Diamension : 40cm X 40cm X 45cm

Colour Available: Red/Grey/ Purple

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- we specialise in cat tree .Large selection of cat furniture update regularly. all with unique designs and high quality materials .Direct import from factory . Special discount for long term support customers

- From premium soft silky faux fur/fleece covering material (instead of carpet) to strong and durable natural sisal scratching posts made specially for cats that may satisfied their needs of playing . Climbing. Hiding. Scratching or just Sleeping

- Able to customise ur own cat condo . Eg addition of hammock bowl ,or other parts is possible . Happy to advise on the possible customization on the cat tree to make it more fun for ur furkids

- in the future if any part spoil (eg hammock bowl . Board . Staircase. Bed etc) . We can provide the spare parts at cost price . So you not need to waste money change the whole cat tree.

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