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Reasons Why Catnip and Silver Vine Are Important to Your Cat’s Health


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Toys and Training because cats do respond to catnip again and again, the herb can be a powerful training aid.

Want to keep kitty from clawing furniture? Rub a scratching post with catnip to make it more appealing.

Bought a new cat bed? Sprinkle a little of the herb on kitty's cushion to make it more attractive to your feline friend. You can also provide enrichment for an indoor kitty by creating catnip toys. Sprinkle a bit of the herb into an old sock, then knot the top. Or put a big pinch of catnip in a small paper bag and crush the bag into a tight ball.


Is catnip harmful to cats?
Catnip is not harmful to your cat. They won't overdose on it. Most cats know when they've had enough and will refuse any further offers.

How to give catnip to a cat?
You can sprinkle some on the floor for them. You can buy toys with catnip in them. Most pet shops sell toy mice filled with catnip.

How much catnip should I give my cat?
 A couple of small pinches will do.


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