Cat Scratch Pan Toy

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Cat Scratch Pan

Cat Scratch pan with rotating toy attached to a metal bearing. Two rotating toys with round bell running on its path.  Tailored with scratching pad in the center.

Cat Scratch Pan Toy for Cat and Kitten

Product Code : CPT18

The cat scratching toy works with the cat's instinct for hunting and pouncing and offers hours of fun and exercise with the toy mouse and catnip for cats. The cat scratching pad reduces the potential for furniture damage and acts like a cat scratching post. Sprinkle catnip on the cat scratch post and pad for added excitement! A best cat toy on the pet market today.

#Entertain your cat and protect your furniture from scratching with the cat scratching post and pad

#Textured scratch pad is both durable and replaceable and is a top scratch pad and post for cats

# Catnip for cats draws them to the toy mouse and cat scratching pad

#Stop cat scratching furniture with cat scratcher and its non-skid base and a channel for a small ball your cat can nudge with its nose or shove with its paw.

# Includes cat scratching board and pad plus one small cat toy ball, two cat mice and catnip for cats.


Dimension : 14 cm (w) x 6 cm (h)

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