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As a pet owner, i always asked myself apart from spending quality time with them what else can i do ? Is buying a "Toy " for them really necessary ? Cat condos are unlike those small toys, they are not only more costly they will also take up space in your house . SO , is it really necessary ? 

The answer is definitely a "YES" ! Let me share with you why ; 

A cat condo allow them to scratch and cat naturally love to scratch.Most people think that when a cat scratches it is trying to sharpen or trim its claws. What it is actually doing is shedding its claws. When a cat scratches your furniture or a scratching post, it leaves the outer layer of the claw behind which encourages new growth.

It also allow romping and climbing . Cat’s natural instinct is to jump, climb, hide, and chase. To survive in the wild cats need to hunt and kill prey. This natural behavior still dominates how your pet cat acts indoors.

It give them a good place to nap ! Cats sleep up to sixteen hours a day. Therefore, they love a safe and warm place to sleep rather than a loud or stressful place.

Although indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats, in order to be healthy and happy an indoor cat requires a good amount of exercise and daily challenge. Cats love to scratch, jump, play hide and seek with pretend friends, and between playtimes take extended naps on high perches.

If you are tired of your kitty-cat romping on and shredding your expensive furniture, then getting a cat condo is all that u need ! 

Premium PVC Cat Climbers Cat Tree Cat Condos Singapore Cat Scratchers PVC Poles

Assembles in minutes and comes with instructions.

Dimension : 140cm (h)x60cm (w)x 50 cm (l)

Colour : multiple colour

Scratching Pole Material :  Natural Sisal Rope Inner PVC Pole (Not Cardboard)

Wide of Scratching Pole : Extra Thickness of 8.5cm

Brand new

 For more info, please call / SMS: 98899957

Classical Cat Trees in Singapore Budget Cat Furniture Cheap Cat Towers Fast Delivery Multiple Colours


- we specialise in cat tree .Large selection of cat furniture update regularly. all with unique designs and high quality materials .Direct import from factory . Special discount for long term support customers

- From premium soft silky faux fur/fleece covering material (instead of carpet) to strong and durable natural sisal scratching posts made specially for cats that may satisfied their needs of playing . Climbing. Hiding. Scratching or just Sleeping

- Able to customise ur own cat condo . Eg addition of hammock bowl ,or other parts is possible . Happy to advise on the possible customization on the cat tree to make it more fun for ur furkids

- in the future if any part spoil (eg hammock bowl . Board . Staircase. Bed etc) . We can provide the spare parts at cost price . So you not need to waste money change the whole cat tree.

- Free consultation on installtion tips. And installation service is also possible at low cost .

- Fast delivery

We look forward for a long term business relationship with you .


Singapore Online Pet Supplies Specialist in Cat Tree Cat Condos Fast Delivery

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