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The epitome of luxury
aapet cat litter box
 AaPet Cat Litter Box is tailored made for a luxurious experience for your Furkids. Exquisitely designed for modern homes and sophisticated Fur Parents, this spacious Litter Box can contain up to 5kg of litters. It features an elegant Diamond Grid foyer entrance that eliminates litter scatter, a wide entrance and a translucent window which provide comfort and privacy for your Furkid, and an enclosed environment which ensures odour control. The high side and back design prevents messes and the drawer design allows for ease of cleaning.
Every space is properly conceived and distilled to the finest quality. No detail is too minute to rethink and relook to match the lifestyle of the owner.
Key Features
🐱Enclosed with complete tranquillity
🐱Black Translucent window for added privacy
🐱Odour Control
🐱High side and back to contain mess
🐱Drawer for 10 second easy of pull and clean
🐱Ample space
🐱Diamond Grid Panel eliminate Litter Scatter
Additional Information
🐱Color Available: White, Purple, Green
🐱Size: 44 x 43 x 47 cm
🐱Designed in Singapore
multiple colours
Furkids are not just pet, they are family to us! We are committed to paw-picked only the Quality, Natural Products for Fur Parents to pamper their Furkids